We understand that buying a cricket bat can be a daunting process so we have designed a step by step guide to inform you as much as possible before you make your purchase.

  1. SIZE

 The image below shows you what size is recommended depending on how tall you are. For female adults and taller youths the short handle (SH) would be the most appropriate size, this provides players with more control over the blade compared to the long handle (LH). Harrow is a bat size smaller than the short handle.


 One of the most common mistakes female cricketers make when buying a cricket bat, is that it is too heavy. In our opinion, as long as you have got the right size bat then the lighter it is the better. This allows you to have more control over your shots and also helps you generate quicker hand speed.


 Willow is the type of wood used to make cricket bats and there are two types to choose from:

 English Willow: The best one. Grown in England and the highest quality type of wood. The growing conditions in England means that there is more moisture in the wood, resulting in the cricket bat lasting longer and giving a better performance. This type of cricket bat is the preferred option for those playing and training on a regular basis from club level upwards. As you would expect though, with better quality comes increased costs

 Kashmir Willow: Grown in India in dryer and hotter conditions means the wood is dryer, harder and a little denser which can also result in heavier bats. However, cricket bats made of Kashmir willow are brilliant for those new to the game and playing recreationally – all at a more affordable cost.


 Willow is graded by number, with Grade 1 being the best and most expensive, to Grade 5 being the least expensive. The grade relates to the appearance of the bat.For example, Grade 1 will be free from any marks or blemishes as well as having straight grains (the lines you can see on the face of the bat). The further down you go through the grades the more you will see markings and discolouring to the bat.  See below for how to pick your grade depending on what level you play:

Grade 1: County standard and above 

Grade 2: Top club or county standard

Grade 3: School or lower level club standard

Grade 4 and 5: Beginner



We understand cricket is an expensive sport to play and we hope that the above guide provides you with the information you need to buy a bat that is relevant to your needs and also suits your budget.