Flicx 2G Match Pitch for Girls Multi Age Group Cricket

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Exclusive to The Female Cricket Store, we are thrilled to offer the Girls Multi Age Group Flicx Pitch, perfect for U15, U13 and U11 girls cricket taking place in schools and clubs.

No cut wickets? No cricket square? No Nets? No problem! 

We understand that for many schools and clubs it can be a challenge to have the right match playing facilities without having to invest a huge amount of money. The Flicx pitch allows you to play both soft and hard ball cricket on many surfaces including grass, astro turf, playgrounds and in sports halls. Simply roll the pitch out and you're ready to go.

Highly versatile, coaches and teachers can simply move the stumps along to another colour coded crease-line to quickly change the pitch length to cater for various girls age groups:

U15: 20yds

U13: 19yds

U11: 17yds

The product arrives in two parts which are clicked together like lego. The two part system also means you can have two training surfaces in two different areas or have two matches being played by bowling from one end.

Available in a variety of colours and you can even pick bespoke colours to match your school or club logo. These take a little longer to produce but can easily be arranged. Please email us to receive a quote for your bespoke pitch: info@thefemalecricketstore.com 

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