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Why we like this product....

Now available in Blush - the perfect colour for wearing under your cricket whites!

We've all been there, the sinking feeling of knowing you have leaked when you're on your period and there's nothing you can do about it - especially on the sports field. How bad is it? Can people see it? Has it come through my shorts? These are all the questions that go through our heads.

As sportswomen, young and old, all we want is to be able to play and train without having to worry about our bodily functions and at The Female Cricket Store we have found the perfect answer! ICENIA New Generation of Period Wear for Sports which will stop leaks forever!

The ICENI Warrior Short can be worn on their own to replace knickers either with or without a tampon - that's how good they are! 

Made with a thicker elastic and slightly lower on the gusset making this a really comfortable and easy wearing knicker.  The most popular style, loved by all. Perfect under shorts, a favourite with sports women. Our extra absorbent pad with the latest innovative technology holds up to 20ml of period flow, that's equivalent to 4 tampons.

About Iceni

Unique to ICENI all products have antimicrobial SILVEDUR™ material in them.  SILVEDUR™ antimicrobial technology is a polymer-containing silver-technology that delivers silver ions when organisms land or form on a treated fabric.  These ions continually release to safely minimise microbes that cause odour and material degradation.


Size Guide XS = 4-6 S = 8-10 M = 12-14  L 16-18


What do people say?

"My daughter wears these knickers under her white Karate suit.
She has never had a leak and feels completely confident when wearing them.
I would highly recommend"

Mum of Olivia (age 14), GB Karate athlete