TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Crowthorne and Crown Wood Cricket Club, Berkshire

TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Crowthorne and Crown Wood Cricket Club, Berkshire

Club/Team Name: Crowthorne and Crown Wood Women 1st XI, affectionately known as ‘The Coyotes’

Date Established: Crowthorne CC was founded in 1982 and Crown Wood CC in 1985 with a merger in 2013 to form Crowthorne and Crown Wood CC. The women’s section was established in 2020.

What do you offer for women and girls? 


  • Serious Cricket Home Counties Division 3.
  • ECB Vitality Cup and Plate League.
  • Serious Cricket Home Counties Super 8.
  • Friendlies


  • Berkshire Cricket Foundation Softball Outdoor League
  • Berkshire Cricket Foundation Softball Indoor League
  • Friendlies

Tell us about your journey so far? We started up in September 2020 and played our first competitive game on 27th of that very same month! After a winter of training, we entered the Berkshire Cricket Foundation Softball League in 2021 and came away victorious. We then diversified into hardball and entered the Serious Cricket Home Counties Super 8 and ECB Vitality Cup in 2021 whilst still keeping the softball alive and thriving; winning two indoor leagues, and in 2022 we compete in the hardball Home Counties Division 3 League.  

Which player should we watch out for this summer? Every player in our squad brings value to the game. We embrace our youth and have a range of players from 15 upwards; all of whom shine and have had moments of glory.

What are your ambitions for the future? To establish ourselves within the Home Counties Division 3 League whilst maintaining a strong squad of players who are interested in the sport at whatever level they wish to play. Inclusivity runs through our veins as we ensure that there is a game for everyone; whether they are experienced or otherwise; returning to sport or wanting to join with an existing wealth of cricketing experience and knowledge. Some of our women regularly play in the men’s teams and aspire to develop their game in this direction. We, as a club, pride ourselves in embracing and facilitating our players’ desires and ambitions.