Lacuna Sports creates performance enabled cricketwear custom-designed to a woman's body.

 Cricket is becoming ever more popular with women and girls, yet until now the clothing has been designed solely for men. Professional female cricketers must adapt their kit from men's styles, and young women starting out in the sport often endure transparent tops and trousers that are ill-suited to the proportions of the female figure. In response, and after more than two years of production testing, refining and enhancing, Lacuna Sports launched in spring 2022 with all the individual pieces of cricketwear that women need to play. 



Designed with schools and clubs in mind, Lacuna Sports also offers customisable Teamwear to encourage more women's clubs to ensure their players have clothing that is appropriate for their bodies and preferences. Teamwear can be ordered in a team and club's specific colours, including their logos and sponsorship, but on the same styles as the brand's Main Collection, designed exclusively for female players. 




Lacuna Sports has spent almost two years production testing, refining, listening to feedback and enhancing the first dedicated cricket Teamwear collection for women and girls.


Lacuna Teamwear is made from fabrics suitable for sublimation printing. You will still find all of the design touches and structural consideration that makes our brand unique, but with the added benefit of it being branded as uniquely yours. 


Our Teamwear collection has a different pricing structure to our Main Collection, and is in line with established team sportswear suppliers, but we believe our quality, fit and durability makes us stand out from the crowd.  


We have dedicated time and effort to ensuring we source from suppliers who share our values, consciously consider every manufacturing decision and offer recycling initiatives for your old kit.


We only make what your teams need. Each team collection is made to order for your club or school. You get only what you need and want, with total flexibility of design and colour.


Lacuna Sports Teamwear is competitively priced in line with other teamwear providers. For a bespoke quote for your school or club, please email us at: