BOLA Junior Bowling Machine

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Why we like this product? 

One of the challenges for young and developing players is being able to face bowling which is consistent enough to allow them to develop and hone techniques.

The Junior Bola is a brilliant bowling machine for players aged 5-13 allowing them to face specific types of bowling to get them ready for matches and training by bringing tireless accurate bowling for endless hours of batting practice and fun. 

Perfect for use in the garden, cricket club or at school, the machine is light (8 kg), easy to carry and set up so can be operational in a few minutes.

BOLA Junior will bowl a specially made dimpled BOLA ball at up to 65 mph - set the machine up at 16 yards for simulated high speed practice. Tennis balls can also be used for a slower pace delivery of up to 50mph - perfect for players making the move to hard ball cricket.

Selectable Electronic Random Mode will provide variation of speed (which varies length) at random which brings the competitiveness of the practice to a new level.

The BOLA Junior can be used anywhere as it operates from a 12 volt battery. The 22 ah 12 volt battery supplied with the machine will run for up to 7 hours (depending on speed / balls bowled).


 Whats included?

- Junior Bola Machine

- Feeder

- 12 Bola machine balls

- Battery

- Battery charger