SM HK111 Cricket Bat Womens - Short Handle (English Willow Grade 1)

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Why we like this product?

The HK111 has been manufactured with a combination of premium Grade 1 willows. It differs from other bats in the HK range by the grading of the willow and cane handle, the physical appearance of the grains and prominence. 

This cricket bat has been designed to be super light to pick up and is beautifully balanced (ergonomically designed) to reduce the overall weight suiting female cricketers, yet deliver maximum power while increasing the quality of the rebound. The bat includes vibration reducing technology in the bats handle that increases the size of the bats Sweet Spot! Suitable for club players and above 

- The HK Range is used by England Captain Heather Knight 

- English Willow 

- Grade 1 

- Short Handle 

- Pick your weight between  2lb 7oz - 2lbs 9oz