SM HK111 Batting Pads

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Why we like this product?

Suitable for players at school, club and county standard. Manufactured from premium quality materials, the HK 111 leg guard provides brilliant protection whilst being lightweight enough to ensure you can move well between the wickets and with speed.

- The HK range is used by England Captain Heather Knight 

- Available in Womens, Youths and Girls 



The way to measure for the correct length of pad is from the centre of the knee cap to the top of the foot. Please note these are rough guidelines made to give a good indication of the size needed but if you require further assistance please contact us.


Knee Roll to instep

Typical Height


32-35 cm

4ft 6in – 5ft


36-38 cm

5ft – 5ft 7in


39-43 cm

5ft 7in +